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Super Bowl Story – Volker von Mozart

EDM, electronic dance music is part of our modern life style and the super bowl a sportif event that needs exciting music. Volker von Mozart presents mellow and radio friendly tunes, wiht a slight touch of underground EDM streams. Mostly housey sounding but also with screaming risers and sporty impacts enhanced to a musical journey. Super Bowl story is the name of this fine balanced stereo album. Catch the ball you´ll be part of the euphoric team play. Or yust hear the latest electronic sounds that play your role in another context. Your earphone needs food of the musical kind:

6 instrumental songs of the super bowl story

1. Volker von Mozart The Final (Radio version) IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:37 DEAR41938969
2. Volker von Mozart Super Rocket IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:37 DEAR41920715
3. Volker von Mozart Superchilled (2 ch) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:30 DEAR41919429
4. Volker von Mozart Super Winner (Phaser track) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:27 DEAR41972431
5. Volker von Mozart India Bowl IBEATLE DANCE 00:02:56 DEAR41956292
6. Volker von Mozart The Final (2 ch) IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:44 DEAR41929589

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